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The Knit Wits

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October 6th, 2004

piquing_tom @ 06:57 pm: I kri emo tears.
Shock and dismay! Because of the terrible singing of the soprano section, as well as the general naivety (of, course, this is not correctly spelled, but so I kill you in the face shut up a thousand times and in addition plbbb) in the area of our actual voice part, a sectional has been called.
What this means in relation the anything that should be posted in this community? Good question. I can't quite remember, can't quite fathom it...oh yes! Because it is on Friday during lunch. You ask, what relevance, dear lizzy-beth-beth, does this have with anything? WEll, damn, you fool, knitting club is also on this such day at this such hour! Utter turmoil do I feel! For the past several weeks, I've been forgetting my knitting, but I remembered last Friday, and I expected to remember it again this week. How sad I am that I won't have to carry a big ball of yarn and a piece of cloth or what-say-you the length of my thigh (the right, though, not the left) in my backpack all day. I say this in all sincerity. Seriously.
But, really, seriously, I was somewhat looking forward to knitting club this week, and now all my happy little thoughts are smash-ed into le ground. Damn sopranos and their crappy singing.

October 3rd, 2004

likeafox @ 10:43 pm: Yeah, so you guys should post here sometime... maybe
I've decided we should use this thing more often. Unfortunately, it seems I'm the only one addicted to LJ, so I'm the only one who posts here. Well, sometimes Trev does. I lurv you Trev! But I hate the rest of you forever until you start posting! Anita? You've got a LJ, use it! Liz, you actually post somewhat regularly! You definitely should post here! And Molly! I completely redid your live journal for you! You OWE me! Rah! Exclamation! Fangurrrrl!!!!!1one

Ok, end of rant. Knitting club this Friday. Bring your stuff and see you there.

Oh, and one order of real business:

Book club is the first friday of every month. Mrs. Horger goes, and so do I as well as several other officers every once in a while. On the Fridays of book club should we cancle knitting club, or maybe move it to a Thursday? Or should we just do it without the book-clubbers? Leave a comment with your opinion.

Current Mood: busy

September 7th, 2004

likeafox @ 08:56 pm: Money Money Money
Quick announcement:

For anyone who is buying yarn and needles, please bring in $10 by Thursday (earlier if possible). You can give the money to either Lauren, Sara, Molly, or I along with telling us what color yarn you want. The first real knitting club is this Friday! YAY!

Knit on.

Current Mood: giddysquee

August 31st, 2004

likeafox @ 11:03 pm: A little information for everyone:
Just so y'all know, to be able to post in this here community you have to join it. Just click the little "join community" link-y thing in the user info. page and I'll probably let you in. Probably... *wicked grin*

Tata, I'm off to work on my sweater. Actually, if anyone wants to see the pattern I'm using it's right here: http://www.bitchnmoan.net/fanfic/quidditch.php?PHPSESSID=64f51865a7f1908cf0c6d8faf6751d07

cute, huh?

Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: my computer eating itself.
iluvhugs352 @ 10:23 pm: I want Justin...he is dreamy
I like the interests queer as folk and Justin/Brian though I really like Michael he is so adorable.

What is the money for is it just the yarn and needles?

Knitting club on Friday is the only thing I’m looking forward to this week.

Current Mood: knit-tastic
Current Music: This Love-Maroon 5
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